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Appointment Types

An up to 30 min free Consultation session
*Providing a chance to say hello, give basic details & allows you to ask questions, not an assessment or a therapy session.

An Initial Assessment appointment

This 50 min appointment allows you to tell your story, to begin our exploration work together.

Cost of appointments

*Individual appointments £65

*Couple appointments £75

*Individual psychotherapy £65

* Sexual offending either £65, kindly using my skills and knowledge to help you to stabilise, understand yourself and to make better life choices. Or £90 for a 90 mins session following a COFRA121 recommended program, that reflects probation/social work criterias of relapse prevention.

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Prevention/Stop Sexual Offending

*Suspected or Charged with a Sexual offence? 

Recommended Program: Benefiting from the COFRA 121 program, is £90 for each 90min appointment.
(16 x 90 min appointments over 16 weeks) highly recommended specialist tailored program, firstly aiming to stabilise emotions, including, Police and Social Work involvement.

*Partner, friend or family of someone suspected or charged with an offence.

(10 x 90 min appointments over 10 weeks) highly recommended specialist tailored program for partners/friends/relatives of a person suspected/accused/charged/sentenced because of illegal sexual behaviour.
Firstly to help stabilise emotions following shock and betrayal and often more trauma from Police and Social Work involvement.

I can also work with hourly appointments for £65 using my specialist knowledge in how to help people suspected, charged, convicted of a sexual offence and others that are also affected.


*Individual Supervision £75
*Single 'one off' Consultation session £80

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